Package #1
$16.99 pp.

Baked Pasta
Package #2
$20.99 pp.

Baked Pasta 
Package #3
$23.99 pp.

Baked Pasta 
Package #4
$_____   pp.

Build your own package.
A. Brushetta
A delightful tomato salad served with Ciabatta bread, lightly toasted, and rubbed with fresh garlic.
B. Primo Antipasto
An array of freshly sliced Genoa salami, pepperoni, proscuitto, capicolla and assorted cheese with roasted peppers are accompanied by sliced Italian bread.
C. Caprese D’Angelo
Fresh mozzarella balls, red grape tomatoes and fresh garlic are marinated in Italian spices and extra virgin olive oil.
A. Minestrone di Verdura
A delicious Italian vegetable Soup.
B. Italian Wedding Soup
Mini meatballs and pastina pasta. An Italian Wedding Favorite.

***** Add your choice of soup to any package for only $2.75 pp.
A. Casaburo Insalata
Our signature house salad blends romaine and iceberg lettuce, blended cheeses, sweet peppers, and green onions with our famous house dressing.
A. Lasagne
A traditional family recipe with layers of ricotta cheese, marinara sauce, lasagne noodles and blended cheeses.
B. Spaghetti Parmigiano
Spaghetti baked under a thick blanket of blended cheese and meat sauce.

C. Melanzane Parmigiano
Layers of eggplant, meat sauce or meatless if you prefer, and blended cheese baked to bubbly perfection.

D. Mostaccioli al Forno
A rich meat sauce and ricotta cheese are folded into the pasta, then baked under a layer of parmesan, provolone and mozzarella cheese.
A. Petto di Pollo al Palermo
Breaded chicken breast, sautéed in a delicate lemon wine sauce with peas and fresh mushrooms, then topped with blended cheese.
 B. Petto di Pollo alla Parmigiano
Breaded chicken breast baked with marinara sauce and topped with blended cheese.
A. Italian Blend
Steamed vegetables lightly seasoned with Italian spices.

A. Cavetelli Primavera
Assorted seasonal vegetables tossed with shell pasta, in a light butter sauce.
B. Penne con Salsiccia e Pepperoni
Penna pasta tossed with our marinara sauce, bite size sausage, fried peppers and onions.

C. Cavetelli con Fungi Fresca
Fresh mushrooms sautéed in garlic butter, then tossed with cavetelli.
D. Traditional Mostaccioli
Everyone’s favorite, tossed with a choice of our marinara or meat sauce.

Buffet Catering: Included:

  • Complete set up and clean up of buffet table by Casa staff.
  • Table linen and table skirting for buffet table.
  • Plastic dinner plate, plastic utensils and napkins set on buffet table.
  • Fresh bread & butter placed on the buffet table.

Full Service Buffet Catering: additional $3.75 pp.

  • Complete set up; buffet food service, pre-busing, and clean up by Casa staff.
  • Table Linen for specialty tables such as gift table, head table, cake table, and buffet table.
  • Table Skirting for buffet table and head table.
  • China Dinner Plate, Bread Plate, 3 piece Silverware, Water goblet, Linen Napkin.
  • Baskets of Fresh Bread placed on each table.
  • Water Pitchers placed at each table and replenished.

Not Included in all Packages:
  • 18 % Casa Service Charge.
  • 8% Indiana State Sales Tax.
  • 15 % Coliseum Service Charge. ( applies to all events at the Memorial Coliseum )
  • 15 % Botanical Conservatory ( applies to all events at the Botanical Conservatory )
  • 16 % Dupont Downs ( applies to all events at Dupont Downs )

Optional Services

  • Any additional Glassware each piece.     .50 pp.
  • Any additional Plateware each piece.     .60 pp.
  • Any additional Silverware each piece.    .35 pp.
  • Table Fresh Floral Centerpiece per table.  $35.00  and up    
  • Head Table Fresh Floral Centerpiece.     $65.00
  • N/A Punch Fountain, 5 gallon, 2 Tier     $100.00
  • Coffee & Ice Tea service. (coffee, cream, sugar, sweet & low,
     spoon, coffee cup)     $2.00 p.p.
To Use Casa Catering
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